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Our Story

We Believe In Reverence. In Reinventing The Art Of Winemaking.

Surrounded by majestic mountains, you will discover the quaint village of Franschhoek. Founded by the French Huguenots in 1687, this beautiful area is home to some of South Africa’s most sought-after wine and dine experiences.

It hosts a wide variety of festivals, such as the Bastille festival, the Champagne festival and various others. With unrivaled natural beauty, Franschhoek remains a must see and a place to experience. The splendour and tastes of old, meet the new and modern, in a vibrant dance of colour, culture, taste and hospitality.

Our wines represent our sincerest endeavours to bring the Franschhoek experience to all wine lovers for the sole purpose of enjoyment and as an expression of our appreciation for our good life.

Who are We?

We believe in truth, in seeing opportunities where others see challenges. To thrive where others fail. To push the boundaries of conformity in an industry that has long forgotten to have fun.

To this end, we introduce fun into serious winemaking whilst capturing the taste and terroir of the Franschhoek valley in our wines. Our diverse brand portfolio enables us to provide a range of wines with unique physical characteristics that appeal to different desires, tastes and occasions. It is our firm intent to ensure that our wines and brands are exciting, premium and distinctive at all times.

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Telling Our Stories

We are Storytellers. Be it in the way we make our wine, how we create our labels or the songs we chose to inspire us.

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Who We Are

A Robben Island native, an ex Stockbroker and an Elephant walk into a Bar.....

Meet the Founders

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Turning Wine Into Miracles

It is written that the very first miracle Jesus performed was to turn water into wine at a community wedding celebration, and not just any wine – the best wine!

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Take The Ride Of Your Life

We will constantly strive to break the norm, to go where others fear and to do the undoable.

Our Rebel Experience Includes:

  • Music and Wine pairings
  • Cake and Wine pairings
  • Funky merchandise
  • Silent Disco wine tastings
  • “You heard it first” exclusive offers.

There is no time like the present. Become a Rebel


Our Wines

Wine Inspired by Tunes. Our Festival Wines are for Fun, Parties and Good Times. Backstage Wines come from carefully selected vineyards that have either a story or a history. And finally the Golden Circle Wines are made for the VIP that is you, made to the highest standards and the most personal winemaking techniques.

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Festival Wines

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backstage wines

Backstage Wines

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Earrings and accessories

Golden Circle Wines

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We’ve Got Something To Say

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