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Our Pride And Joy

Pushing The Boundries Of Conformity In An Industry That Has Forgotten To Have Fun

To this end, we introduce fun into serious winemaking whilst capturing the taste and terroir of the Franschhoek valley in our wines. Our diverse brand portfolio enables us to provide a range of wines with unique physical characteristics that appeal to different desires, tastes and occasions. It is our­ firm intent to ensure that our wines and brands are exciting, premium and distinctive at all times.

Following on in the musical style that drives our brand we have 3 distinctive styles. Festival, Backstage and Golden Circle wines each bring a unique occasion and angle but with an overriding style of pure elegance and accessibility.

Our Festival Wines

Wine for now.

Our Festival range of wines are for fun, parties and good times. Made in a refreshing and easily accessible style, these wines retain the signature elegance that makes Black Elephant wines distinctive.

So get your friends around, crank up the music, dive bomb into the pool and forget about tomorrow.


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“I don’t know why women want any of the things men have when one of the things that women have is men.” – Coco Chanel

- Coco Chanel

Our Backstage Wines

Wines with a Story.

Each wine comes from carefully selected vineyards that have either a story or a history. From vines that are over a hundred years old or those dedicated to special person, these are wines are to be savoured. Sit down in your favourite spot or with special friends, compare notes and let the stories roll. Fireplaces, sundowns and intimate occasions are made for these wines.


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“Much like Lady Gaga, this is not a wine for everyone. Its talent though, is indisputable” – The Black Elephant

- The Black Elephant

The Golden Circle Wines

These wines are made for the VIP that is you.

Made to the highest standards and the most personal winemaking techniques. Jacques put his years of experience working in the Champagne region into each bottle.

A range that pleases the everyday group of friends shooting the breeze style to the more austere connoisseur style to be savoured with those that can appreciate the art.

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“You have never done a wine tasting like Black Elephant – never! Really epic experience. Wow. This was a life experience.” – a Wine Drinker

- Author of Quote

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