Degreeable Temperature Stickers

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The Perfect Drinking Temperature Every Time

Scan, Stick, Chill & Enjoy

Degreeable has developed a temperature indicator sticker based on the type of wine you enjoy (Red, White, or Rosé). It is stuck on your dry and uncooled wine bottles before use.

Each sticker has three phases (too hot, perfect temperature, or too cold). The sticker will visually represent each of these phases by changing colour.

If the sticker is white, it indicates that your wine is too hot for drinking. When the colour appears in the centre, you know your wine is in the perfect drinking temperature range. However, if the outer ring turns black, your wine is too cold.

The sticker’s temperature range is reversible because it can move from too hot to too cold and back again. This ensures you get a visual indication of your wine’s temperature at all times.

Assorted packet contains:

2x White wine stickers

2x Rosé wine stickers

2x Red wine stickers

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