Eggs for Education

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Nickname : The Protein Dozen

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We have always believed that in order to receive you need give, we call it “Fair Exchange”. This saw us establish the First Miracle Trust in 2015 which has been involved in various water and education initiatives.

As a continuing part of our ” Fair Exchange” mantra we are donating a portion of our proceeds to the Isabelo Charity which is run by Former Award winning South African Chef of Le Quartier Français, Franschhoek fame, Margot Janse.

Currently we support 1500 children with 1 egg per week, often their sole source of Protein. Our goal is to get this to 2 eggs per week and then expand our reach to more children.

With your help we can achieve this. Each donation of R30 buys a dozen eggs at a time, winebucks are welcome.

“The Isabelo project has proven to be awe-inspiring and has surpassed my expectations. I strive to continue and grow this initiative and, with continued support, have no doubt that it will change the lives of more children than we ever imagined possible.”

Margot Janse