Music & Wine Pairing

Being the rebels of the vine, traditional wine and cheese pairings are not what you will find at Black Elephant Vintners. Instead, we offer a dexterously composed Music and Wine pairing. This novel approach to enhance the experience of the wine tasting process by utilising not only the senses of taste, touch, smell, and sight is what distinguishes Black Elephant Vintners from the others. This unique combination of sound and taste completely sets Black Elephant apart from the commercial wine industry. Please specify below if you want to book a Wine and Music Pairing as we aim to give you the best possible experience at Black Elephant Vintners.

Tastings are conducted most days at 11 am, closed on Sundays. Bookings are essential.

Generally, we allow 2 hours for a tasting, but as there is no set agenda this can vary according to the extent of the conversation. Click here to view our latest PLAYLIST.

P.S. As we are a working/residential farm and the tastings are conducted by the owners we require some time to schedule our day to give you the best glimpse of the beautiful valley and industry we are fortunate enough to work and live in.