Music & Wine Pairing

Being the rebels of the vine, traditional wine and cheese pairings are not what you will find at Black Elephant Vintners. Instead, we offer a dexterously composed Music and Wine pairing. This novel approach to enhance the experience of the wine tasting process by utilising not only the senses of taste, touch, smell, and sight is what distinguishes Black Elephant Vintners from the others. This unique combination of sound and taste completely sets Black Elephant apart from the commercial wine industry. Please specify below if you want to book a Wine and Music Pairing as we aim to give you the best possible experience at Black Elephant Vintners.

Generally, we allow 2-3 hours for a tasting at the farm, but as there is no set agenda this can vary according to the extent of the conversation.

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We have 2 tasting options to suit your needs.

Should you require any additional information please reach out via our contact page.

Music and Wine Pairings at Black Elephant Vintners

WHERE: At the farm – 40a Uitkyk Street – These are very interactive and hosted by one of the owners who shares our journey through the wine world.

TIME:  2-3 hours, a silent disco tasting option is also available.

WHEN: They are held most Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 11am. (subject to variation)

COST: R360pp but used as a credit against purchases of R500pp or more on wines etc.


Urban Tasting at Bovine

WHERE: Bovine Restaurant  at 42 Huguenot Street

TIME: 11am to 5pm. Allow about an hour

WHEN: most days

COST: R65 – R150pp with a maximum of 8 wines.

Bookings are recommended but not essential. You are welcome to get something eat in the restaurant afterwards.