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How to Earn wineBucks and Save

Our quest is to bring Truth to the Wine Industry.

To continually be Misfits by creating experiences that turn convention on it’s head.

We will constantly strive to break the norm, to go where others fear and to do the undoable.

Earn Extra wineBucks by Referring Friends?

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  1. How do I earn wineBucks? Join the Rebels of the Vine Club by creating an Account
  2. Is there any reward for just creating an account? Yes, you get 100 wineBucks for just creating an account.
  3. What is a wineBuck worth? One wineBuck is worth one Rand.
  4. How many winebucks do I earn? That depends on how much you spend, the more you spend, the greater the percentage you earn, see how the Rebels of the Vine Club works.
  5. Where can I spend my wineBucks? On any product in our Online Shop, excluding transport costs
  6. How do I check my balance? You can check your balance under the My Account tab.
  7. When do I get my wineBucks? As soon as your purchase is Completed
  8. How long are my wineBucks valid? Your points are valid for a year from the invoice date.
  9. Do I just get points when I purchase on your website? No, you get the 100 wineBucks for creating your account and depending on how much you spend, you can also get free tastings and other special offers.
  10. I heard there is a Birthday reward as well. Yes, if you create an account or signup and give us your Birthday, we will send you a coupon on your Birthday day.
  11. I’m a member of the “old” Rebels of the Vine Club, what happens to my points and membership? You will be transferred to the General Admission membership from 8 March 2023, with the same rewards as your old membership. Your future spending will determine your next membership.
  12. Do I get wineBucks if I use the App? Yes, wineBucks are compatible with the App version 1.5.0 or higher.
  13. Can I earn wineBucks if I transact as a Guest? Unfortunately not, we need your details to allocate the wineBucks.
  14. Can I give my WineBucks to a friend? Only if you purchase a Rebel Gift Card in our Online Shop
  15. Do I only earn wineBucks Online? No, you can also earn wineBucks if you purchase wines at the Cellar.

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