The Squeaky Barrel Vol. 4


Ever Wondered Who We Are?

During tastings, we are often asked about the reason behind our work and what motivates us.
People are curious about our thought processes and what drives us to do what we do.
In September 2017, we conducted an extensive self-review with a Brand Agency
to better understand ourselves and our mission.

The following is where we ended up: 

While many may assume that our business is solely about wine and sales,
it is much more than that.
We have made a conscious decision to pursue this career path,
aware of the risks and challenges of running a successful wine business.
We often hear the joke, “How do you make a small fortune in the wine industry?
Start with a large fortune!”
But there is nothing funny about starting with a small fortune.  

Simon Sinek – The Golden Circle

Most of us communicate from the outside in, but the author
Simon Sinek believes true inspiration comes when we start
with the ‘Why’.

An example:

WHY: We believe in challenging the Statusquo we believe in thinking differently,
HOW: the way we challenge the Status quo by making our product beautifullydesigned, simple to use and user-friendly,
WHAT: we just happen to make great computers, want to buy one?

OUR ‘WHAT’ – What do you do as a company?
Black Elephant Vintners is a wine company that produces premium wines from selected vineyards and wineries in the Franschhoek Valley.

OUR ‘HOW’ – What makes you stand out from your competitors?
We do this by demystifying wines to all enthusiasts and offer wine experienceswithout the pomp and ceremony that is commonly associated with the industry.

OUR ‘WHY’ – This is your purpose, cause, and beliefs. It’s the reason why you exist as a brand. People don’t buy into what you do, they buy into why you do it, and your ‘Why’ is deeply rooted in human behaviour.

Your why is made up of the following:

What’s wrong with the world and how do you intend to fix it?To bring truth to the wine industry.

What the world will look like after you’ve finished changing it?
To continually be the misfits of the wine industry
and create experiences that turn convention on its head.

Trust, value andrespect one another

See what others don’t

Don’t take yourselftoo seriously

Respect the art

The truth will set you free

Step out of your comfort zone


Also known as the outlaw, revolutionary, and misfit,
the Rebel is the archetype that lives for revolution.
The Rebel, though often motivated by a need to better the world
through somewhat questionable means, can also have
a desire for revenge against atrocities
committed against him.

Independent and radical,
the Rebel employs outrageous or disruptive, shocking habits
to shake those they interact with
out of complacency


We believe in truth
In seeing opportunities
where others see challenge
To thrive where others fail
To push the boundaries of conformity
In an industry that has long forgotten to have fun
We believe in reverence
In the skills and patience of the craft
while reinventing the art of winemaking
Ensuring every bottle has a story
And every story has an experience
We’re not afraid of taking risks
And we don’t care what the industry thinks
We are the misfits of the wine industry
The Rebels of the Vine